Get Dead USA, Andead, Second Youth, Voscod - Rho (MI)

Rocknroll Club Rho - Via Magenta, 77 Edificio 7, Rho, Milano, Lombardia Rocknroll Club Rho - Via Magenta, 77 Edificio 7, Rho, Milano, Lombardia
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28 Luglio 2017 · 21:00 - 00:30

UNICA DATA ITALIANA per la band di San Francisco sotto contratto con Fat Wreck Chords.

In apertura ANDEAD (Milano), SECOND YOUTH (London, Cagliari, Berlin) e VOSCOD (Milano)

Life gets in the way. That phrase is frequently used as a nicer way of saying, “The dream is dead and there’s nothing I can do about it.” But in the case of Bay Area punk quintet Get Dead, it’s the exact opposite: Had life not repeatedly gotten in the way, they never could have made their eclectic new album Honesty Lives Elsewhere.“Everyone works and has spouses and kids,” says singer Sam King, who paints houses for a living. “[Overall] we spent a month recording this album, but it was in spurts, because our bosses or our wives would call us and need us to come do something.”Such is the challenge of recording close to home—sure, you get to sleep in your bed every night, but it’s a lot harder to disconnect from your day-to-day responsibilities to focus on your art. However, King says it worked in the band’s favor, as it gave them more time to spend with the songs, allowing them to be fleshed out in new and different directions.“We ended up writing about 18 songs for the album; immediately after doing the demos, we scrapped three of them,” King recalls. “We listened to them and were like, ‘Fuck that! We must’ve been drunk.’”Recorded at San Francisco’s Motor Studios by Josh Garcia (himself a former member of Get Dead), Honesty Lives Elsewhere found itself the benefactor of many of Get Dead’s talented friends and labelmates who stopped by to contribute to the album, including members of Lagwagon, toyGuitar and Old Man Markley. Plus, as with their previous album, 2013’s Bad News, the band enlisted NOFX’s Fat Mike to assist with production and songwriting.“With lyrics, I’ve always been somebody that sits down and writes a song in a couple hours or else it gets scrapped,” King says. “I’ve never been a journal guy. I don’t have pages and pages of ideas. But Fat Mike came in a couple times and pushed me, like, ‘Hey, maybe you should develop that idea a little more.’ It worked.”The process of creating Honesty Lives Elsewhere was one with a sudden dark cloud put over it, when one of King’s best friends committed suicide just as the singer was embarking on writing lyrics. “I tried to distance myself from the incident as I was writing the album because I didn’t want it to come across as some morbid ode to him,” he says. “But when the album was done, I listen to it now and it’s all I hear. There was no escaping it. There was no way I was going to write all these songs and nothing was going to be about it, whether I wanted to or not. I don’t want this to be a bummer fuckin’ record, but when I listen to it, I hear a bummer fuckin’ record.”However, King is of the mindset that songs evolve and lyrics change meaning and intent over time. “It comes from the first time we put out an album and my mom wanted to hear it, and she thought the choruses said something completely different. Her take on it was a completely different thing than what I meant. So I’ve never wanted to post lyrics because [the song’s meaning] should be up to the listener.”Ever since, King has been focused on pushing Get Dead forward, no matter which direction—amped up or acoustic, poppy or thrashy. In his mind, complacency equals failure.“Every album, we want to do something different,” the singer explains. “It doesn’t work out that well for us in terms of being put into a genre or niche, but I think in the end, we enjoy the process of making music. If we can come up with something we haven’t done before? Fuck it, let’s do it. If you can tweak it that much where you’re standing out a little bit and making new stuff every time, then you’re winning.

Andead is a punk rock band formed in Milan, Italy in 2007.
Founded by Virgin Radio alternative personality Andrea Rock, Andead is a punk rock band with a positive attitude and a social consciousness.Over their 10-year career, Andead produced four albums through RUDE RECORDS; the latest release is “IV THE UNDERDOGS”, 14 tracks driven by community revenge.
The fist single “I SEE THESE BOMBS” is referred to the conditions of weakest branch of the Syrian society and the video shows images filmed in Aleppo by international independent press agencies. In the last decade the band shared the stage with the greatest acts of the international punk/hardcore scene such as SOCIAL DISTORTION, SUM 41, FLOGGING MOLLY, MISFITS, DROPKICK MURPHYS, AFI, THE HIVES and many more, gaining respect and appreciation both from the different crowds and the headliners.

Second Youth started in 2015 between long time best friends and touring companions, Dick Smith and André Suergiu. After spending all night recalling all the bands they grew up on during the late late 90’s and early 00’s that introduced the two in the first place, the two decided to go to the studio and write the songs they always wish they had played when they were younger. Hence, the name, Second Youth. This band is about that period of your life when nothing else matters other than the music coming out of your stereo speakers. The first EP was recorded in the Spring of 2015 with the band currently writing an album with ideas to record at the end of the year. Veterans to life on the road, you will probably catch Second Youth playing their own style of the melodic, catchy and sing-a-long punk rock that rocked the 90’s.The first ep "Glass Roof" was released worldwide digitally through Uncle M records
and as vinyl format through Anchors Aweigh Records. Since then the band shared the stage with some amazing bands (such as Flatliners, Such Gold, Slander and more) and it sets to hit the road again in April 2017.

"For the benefit of all punkrockers"

28 luglio @ Rock N Roll, Rho (MI)

Porte h 19:30
Live h 21


2017-07-28 2017-07-28 Rocknroll Club Rho - Via Magenta, 77 Edificio 7 Rho Lombardia Get Dead USA, Andead, Second Youth, Voscod - Rho (MI)

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